What to expect?

  • Learn in 1 week

    The most efficient and effective way to level up your product design skills. Gain new perspectives on lean startup, product design, and user testing.

  • Learn by doing

    One hands-on project going from ideation to visualization. Apply your new prototype skills towards building and testing business ideas.

  • Learn with others

    Grow in an interactive environment through live and pre-recorded lessons. Share your work with peers and instructors, and receive feedbacks in our private workspace.

Build the right products for your users

Prototyping is an essential skill to transform your ideas from paper to concrete visuals that people can interact with. After learning this course, you can quickly create a prototype to collect user feedback, communicate ideas with developers and potential investors.

Course curriculum

Alpha course will take place from 26.05.2021 to 02.06.2021

  • 1


    • Pre-course information

    • Welcome to Rapid prototyping course!

    • Pre-course survey

  • 2

    Module 1: Lean Startup Methodology

    • Recording webinar: Lean Startup Methodology

    • Presentation Slide: Lean Startup Methodology

    • Material: NABC Canvas

    • Material: Extra reading

  • 3

    Module 2: Prototyping

    • Recording Webinar: From User Persona to Paper Prototypes

    • Material: User persona canvas

    • Material: Phone frames on paper

    • Exercise: Sketch your low fidelity design

  • 4

    Module 3: Introduction to Figma

    • Basics of Figma

    • Frame

    • Shape Tools and Alignment

    • Pen, Text, Hand, Comment

    • Grid

    • Figma UI Kits

  • 5

    Module 4: Figma Prototyping

    • Basics of Figma Prototype

    • Figma Smart Animation

    • Exercise: Design your product ideas on Figma

  • 6

    Module 5: User Testing

    • User testing

    • After-course survey

    • Material: Extra reading

Learn from the experienced

Read more about our instructors

UX/UI Designer

Tuan Le

Tuan is a UX/UI Designer at a tech startup and a master student in Interaction Design at the University of Tallinn. He pursues a strong interest in helping business design UX and UI solutions to users' problems with design thinking mindset.

Architect & Concept Designer

Chau Nguyen

Chau is a professional architect and researcher with a specialization in interaction design for AEC projects. She has participated in multidisciplinary teams to tackle the living and urban development problems in Finland.

What our Alpha Testers said about our course

  • Hybrid learning

    "I enjoy the hybrid learning method, the topics, the feeling, and the nice communication style of the course."

  • Enthusiasm

    "I like the enthusiasm of the organizing team and the video teaching course materials. I have learned some of the techniques of prototyping and user testing, and got familiar with Figma"

  • No Experience Required

    "I’d recommend this course to a beginner who is looking into structuring their business idea, identifying their target user to move forward with a proper prototype in Figma. "