What to expect?

  • Learn in 1 week

    The most efficient and effective way to level up your product design skills. Gain new perspectives to understand your users, product design, and user testing.

  • Learn by doing

    Develop your hands-on project from framing the challenge to prototyping. Apply your new prototype skills towards building and testing your business ideas.

  • Learn with others

    Grow in an interactive environment through self-paced lessons. Share your work with peers and instructors, and receive feedback in our private workspace.

Build the right products for your users

Prototyping is an essential skill to transform your ideas from paper to concrete visuals that people can interact with. After learning this course, you can quickly create a prototype to collect user feedback, communicate ideas with developers and potential investors.

Course curriculum

Self-paced course with live feedback sessions

Learn from the experienced

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UX/UI Designer

Tuan Le

Tuan is a UX/UI Designer at a tech startup and a master student in Interaction Design at the University of Tallinn. He pursues a strong interest in helping business design UX and UI solutions to users' problems with design thinking mindset.

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    The price for this course will be €39.99. We offer for the first 100 early birds SPECIAL PRICE at €24.99

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    You can get exclusive access to the 1-on-1 mentoring with our designers when completing the course.

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Should you have any questions about this course? Find the answers below!

  • Is there limit to the number of early birds?

    Yes, we offer 20 limited seats for early birds with a special offer of €24.99 (original: €39.99). Be the first to access the 1-on-1 mentoring session with our designers.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is suitable for anybody who wishes to learn about prototyping or, more specifically, using Figma as a tool for prototyping. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE in design and coding is required.

  • Why should I take this course?

    After the course, you will learn the core frameworks behind prototyping in Figma, tips and tricks to design a prototype rapidly, and practical examples of prototypes from experienced designers and your peers.

  • What is the used language?

    All lectures are conducted in English.

  • Do I need to purchase any tools?

    You do not need to pay for any tools or materials beforehand. We will be using the free versions of Figma.

  • What is the time commitment?

    This course is self-paced. We also host live feedback sessions bi-weekly to support your learning progress. You are expected to spend a total of 5 hours (approx. 1 hour/day) to get the best result from this course.

  • Can I get a refund after purchasing the course?

    To be eligible for a refund, students must cancel their registration within the first 48 hours after purchasing by sending an email to edu@switchnow.io. We will process the refund case by case.

  • I have a question not answered above. What should I do?

    Feel free to contact us at edu@switchnow.io with any concerns or queries you might have about this course. We are more than happy to hear and answer your questions!